Cape Campbell


Cape Campbell is the southernmost point of the cook strait.


On the headland sits the iconic Cape Campbell Lighthouse, towering above the windswept white cliffs below. The area was named Cape Campbell after Vice Admiral John Campbell, a Scotsman who circumnavigated the globe in 1740. To the local Maori, the Cape is known as Te Karaka.


Access is by a one day return walk, Marfells beach/ Cape-Campbell route, or road access by prior arrangement with the proprietors of Experience Cape-Campbell accommodation.


A beautiful area for picnics or camping, Cape Campbell is also a great spot to fish, dive, and revel in the breathtaking scenery. Take the opportunity to get up close to the groups of local fur seals or keep watch for New Zealand's own Hector's dolphins.


The iconic lighthouse, most famous for its role in the 2016 movie 'The Light Between Oceans', offers amazing photographic opportunities. Accommodation is available for extended stays.


First built in 1870, then replaced with a cast iron tower in 1903, it had served to protect sailors from the treacherous waters of the area for generations.