Molesworth Station


The Molesworth Station is a place of opposites. The landscape that makes up New Zealand’s largest farm is staggeringly varied. From rocky, inhospitable mountain-sides to rolling river gullys and slopes, there is something for everyone inside the eighteen hundred kilometres that make up the Molesworth Station.


To get to the Molesworth Station, turn right at the Awatere Valley intersection just north of Seddon and the Awatere Valley Bridge. A sign here will indicate whether the Acheron Road through Molesworth is open. The Acheron Road is open 7am-7pm daily, and to fully experience, you should take several days to traverse. So plan to camp!


The activities available at the Molesworth station range from simply traversing the highest piece of public road in New Zealand, taking in some of the best high-country vistas on offer, through to guided hunting and fishing trips. Several historic buildings such as the Acheron Accommodation House and Cob Cottage make for interesting stops to learn about the history of the Molesworth.


There are several walking tracks based around the The Acheron Road and can be completed in a day. Mountain biking in this area is also particularly good. Hunting with a special permit is available, with Chamios, Red Deer, Goats and Pigs all in the area.


Contacting the Department of Conservation in regards to access, availability and hunting in the Molesworth area is recommended.